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prunus mume 梅子 lemuer 瓃慕爾

Lemuer  plum enzyme fusion quality brown rice vinegar, prunus mume, and other  essential raw ingredients, using a ceramic fermentation vessel and  ancient methodology. 

lemuer 瓃慕爾 prunus mume 梅子

Brown Rice Vinegar

Vinegar is a  common condiment on the table, with a wide range of types and uses.  Naturally fermented vinegar has many benefits to the human body, and it  is also a healthy supplement in some countries. Brown rice contains many  vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. A quality brown rice vinegar is  made from brown rice using the traditional brewing method, it is  subsequently aged for a long period of time, a quality vinegar: which  has a mild, natural aroma, with a smooth taste. Lemuer enzymes using  high quality brown rice vinegar to ensure a premium product.

lemuer 瓃慕爾 prunus mume 梅子

Quality Prunus Mume (Plum)​

Lemuer  enzyme involves a plum that is cultivated in a good environment in the  Taiwanese mountains, naturally farmed according to the laws of nature,  following the alignment of the sun, moon and stars; using a method that  does not seek a quick harvest, it focuses on natural growth. The fruit  is hand-picked, then again careful selections of the picked fruit are  made, again by hand, to ensure the highest quality. A natural  fermentation brewing technique, with a slow aging process is applied.  This retains the original essence, enhancing enzyme (SOD) activity,  hence retaining its simplicity, by not being over processed. 

What is Prunus Mume Enzyme?


It is a  substance that benefits our body, our gastrointestinal tract (digestive  system), improves digestion and enhances metabolism. The combination of  nutrient rich ingredients in the liquid, consist of a small number of  different types of supplements.

The  basic ingredient (brown rice vinegar) helps the body to break down the  food, in order to digest the food eaten. Essentially, the food enzyme  (prunus mume) helps the body to convert the food eaten into substances  which the body can absorb. Likewise, all the vitamins and minerals in  the ingredients (fruit and vinegar). In addition, the powerful  antioxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD enzyme) helps to purify  the body, and reduce any cellular damage caused by free radicals in the  body.

Indeed,  the body is a wondrous machine, and has the ability to heal itself, as  long as we do our part, and provide the necessary nutrients. However, as  we mature, over the years our body needs more enzyme rich foods, and a  healthier lifestyle, otherwise the symptoms of an enzyme deficiency will  occur.

Prunus  mume enzyme is designed to be used as a systematic product, in order to  achieve “overall” health goals. This is because the ingredients are all  natural, and contain no artificial stimulants. It is a very subtle yet  effective product, supplying sustained health benefits.


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